Calls for Papers

SSML-sponsored panels at the Midwestern Modern Language Association annual and the Modern Language Association conferences may be found here.

Call for papers for MidAmerica 2024. Deadline July 1, 2024.
Call for Proposals for a collection of academic essays on the Midwest in the Twenty-First Century

Call for Papers

2025 Modern Language Association (MLA)

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Date of Conference: January 9-12, 2025

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Submission Requirements: One-page abstract and short CV to Marilyn Atlas (

Conference Theme: Visibility

Panel Theme: Visibility and Power in Midwestern Literature

Details: Which Midwestern texts explore the destructiveness of invisible power? And how do they do this? Is there anything uniquely or particularly Midwestern about how this region’s authors depict the relationship between visibility and power?

Call for Papers

2024 Midwestern Modern Language Association (MMLA)

Submission Deadline: Monday, April 15, 2024

Date of Conference: November 14-16, 2024

Location: Chicago, Illinois (Hilton Hotel)

Submission Requirements: One-page abstract and short CV to Marilyn Atlas (

Conference Theme: Health in/of the Humanities

Panel Theme: The Relationship of Visibility, Silences, Power, and Sickness in Midwestern Literary Texts

Details: What Midwestern literary texts (brilliantly) examine the relationship between visibility, silences, power, and sickness? Through their content and/or form, what do these texts add to the conversations about the Midwest or Midwestern literature?

Contact: Marilyn Judith Atlas of Ohio University (614) 808-5564


Call for Proposals

2024 Michigan College English Association Conference on Zoom

Proposal Deadline: September 21, 2024

Conference Date: Saturday, October 5, 2024

Submission requirements: Please send your name, university affiliation, e-mail address, time preference, and a 200-word abstract or sample of creative writing to Program Chairs Ilse Schweitzer, Cheryl Caesar and Lori Burlingame via email at, and To submit a panel proposal, please include the information for all members (5 maximum participants) in the same proposal.

Themes: Crisis and Resilience

Featured Speaker: Dawn Burns, fiction writer and memoirist

Details: We welcome papers from a pedagogical perspective, creative responses to the theme of Crisis and Resilience, and literary analysis of works with these themes. We are also seeking documentarians to attend the sessions, take notes and write short reports to share with the Board in the weeks following the conference. The reports of last year’s documentarians were invaluable and went beyond our expectations, so consider carrying on this new tradition! The Michigan College English Association welcomes proposals from experienced academics, young scholars, and graduate students. We encourage a variety of papers, including pedagogical work, scholarly essays, creative writing, as well as workshops, crafting circles, and other activity-directed sessions. All proposals will be peer-reviewed. Early submissions are welcome.

Call for Proposals

State Historical Society of Iowa Research Grants

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2024

Submission Requirements: Up to 10 grants will be awarded for original research about the history of Iowa, in particular, or Iowa within the context of the Midwest. See Research Grants for Authors for more information.

Details: We invite and encourage applicants from a variety of backgrounds—academic and public historians, professors, graduate students, and independent researchers and writers—to submit applications on diverse, innovative topics. Applications will be judged on their potential for producing publishable work, including a manuscript targeted for The Annals of Iowa, the State Historical Society of Iowa’s scholarly history journal. Preference will be given to submissions that pursue previously neglected topics or take new approaches to topics that are more familiar. If you have any questions or if I can be of assistance as you consider or develop an application, please let me know. I’m always eager to hear about potential projects and will be glad to work with you.

Contact: Andrew Klumpp, Editor - The Annals of Iowa (

Call for Nominations

Midwestern History Association

Name of Award: Frederick Jackson Turner Award for lifetime achievement in Midwestern History

Submission Deadline: On or before March 31, 2024

Submission Requirements: To nominate individuals for this award, send a Letter of Nomination in an email with the subject line “Frederick Jackson Turner Award Entry 2024” to this entry form. Submissions must include a brief rationale for how the nominee and their work has promoted the history of the Midwest over an extended period of time. Submissions should be sent to each committee member listed on the form on or before March 31, 2024.

Details: The Frederick Jackson Turner Award for Lifetime Achievement in Midwestern History is an annual award given to senior scholars and/or public historians. It is intended to honor historians whose work carries forth Turner’s interest and influence upon the practice of Midwestern history across multiple professional dimensions. The individual receiving this award should have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the promotion of the history of the Midwest. Evidence of this commitment can include, but is not limited to: publication of a body of books or articles on the subject; publication of a single, particularly important book or article on the subject; a long and distinguished career within a Midwestern historical agency; teaching and training that has promoted the history of the Midwest; service within historical organizations that has promoted the history of the Midwest. The Frederick Jackson Turner Award Committee invites nominations from scholars across disciplines, but whose focus is principally historical.


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