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MidAmerica is the peer-reviewed yearbook of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, and is published annually. We welcome submissions of scholarly essays from our members on any aspect of Midwestern literature and culture. Except for winners of our annual poetry and prose contests, we do not publish poems, short stories, or fiction.

If you would like to submit work to be considered for publication in MidAmerica, please send an electronic copy of your essay (Word document preferred) to Patricia Oman ( The annual deadline is July 1.

Manuscript Guidelines

Please follow the most recent edition of the MLA handbook. In documenting sources, use parenthetical citations within your essay and a list of works cited. If you include discursive notes, they should be endnotes that use Arabic, not Roman, numerals.

Do not put your name on your essay. Include your contact information in your email, including institutional affiliation.


The Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature exists to support the study and dissemination of work in Midwestern literature, art, film, and scholarly study.

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