Midwestern Miscellany

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Mary Hartwell Catherwood's Disguised Handbook of FeminismPeggy B. Treece7
Back to Mitchell CountyClarence A. Andrews15
Michigan's Forgotten Son—James Oliver CurwoodJohn Hepler25
Spoon River's "Epilogue"Herb Russell34
"From East-Side to South-Side with Love": The Friendship of Sherwood Anderson and Paul RosenfeldDavid D. Anderson41
Siouxland Panorama: Frederick Manfred's Green EarthJoseph M. Flora56
Experimentation in the Chicago Little Theatre: Cloyd Head's GrotesquesMarilyn Judith Atlas7
Arthur Davison Ficke's "Ten Grotesques"Kay Kinsella Rout20
The Little Review and Sherwood AndersonDavid D. Anderson28
Masters's "Griffy the Cooper," Two VersionsRobert Narveson39
Literature from the Crucible of Experience: Jack Conroy in Ohio, 1927-30Douglas Wixson44
From Your Place and BeyondSylvia Wheeler61
Ordinary People: Extraordinary NovelJohn Stark71
Edna Ferber and the "Theatricalization" of American MythologyEllen Serlen Uffen82
The Fiction of Ray Bradbury: Universal Themes in Midwestern SettingsThomas P. Linkfield94
The Old Northwest and Gilded Age Politics: An AnalysisLawrence Ziewacz102
Three Generations of Missouri FictionDavid D. Anderson7
Midwestern Civilization and Its Discontents: Lewis's Carol Kennicott and Roth's Lucy NelsonJames B. Carothers21
"A Word for What Was Eaten:" An Introduction to Della T. Lutes and Her FictionLawrence R. Dawson31
Harriet Monroe, Margaret Anderson, and the Spirit of the Chicago RenaissanceMarilyn J. Atlas43
"Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past:" The Autobiographical Fiction of Sherwood AndersonRoger J. Bresnahan54
The Natural and the Shooting of Eddie WaitkusJames Barbour and Robert Sattelmyer61
"'We Was Girls Together'": A Study of Toni Morrison's SulaAnna Shannon9
The Terra Firma of Harriette Arnow's FictionPauline Adams and Emma S. Thornton23
Extending the Boundaries of the Ego: Eva in "Tell Me a Riddle"Sara Culver38
Surrogate Mothers: The Manipulation of Daughters in Works by Jessamyn WestJane S. Bakerman49
Innovation in Chicago: Alice Gerstenberg's Psychological DramaMarilyn J. Atlas59
Morris Birkbeck's Notes on a Journey in AmericaJohn E. Hallwas7
Paul Laurence Dunbar's Civil War VerseBernard F. Engel15
The "Old Hands" of WinesburgRoger J. Bresnahan19
Fun in WinesburgThaddeus B. Hurd28
The Evil in Michigan's Northern ForestsThomas P. Linkfield40
The Room, the City, and the War: Saul Bellow's Dangling ManDavid D. Anderson49
"I Want to Know Why" as Biography and FictionWalter B. Rideout7
Many Marriages as a Postmodern NovelDavid Stouck15
The Revisions in Windy McPherson's Son, Sherwood Anderson's First NovelRay Lewis White23
Sherwood Anderson's Grotesques and Modern American FictionDavid D. Anderson53
A Northern Monument to the Young Ernest HemingwayT. Kilgore Splake7
Eugene Thwing's Red-Keg: Taming the Competitive SpiritJean A. Laming10
The "Chelsea Chapter" in an Edgar Lee Masters BiographyEvelyn Schroth20
Frank Vlchek's Story of My Life: A Translation and an EditionRobert D. Narveson26
Remembering Floyd DellR. Craig Sautter33
Chicago Cityscapes by Theodore Dreiser, Sherwood Anderson, and Saul BellowDavid D. Anderson43
Paul Osborn and His Gals in KalamazooChristine Birdwell50

Kenny J. Williams7
Chicago as Setting and Force in William Riley Burnett's Little Caesar (1929)Douglas A. Noverr25
Mr. Dooley and Slats Grobnik: Chicago Commentators on the World Around ThemRoger J. Bresnahan34
Working Worlds in David Mamet's DramasDorothy H. Jacobs47
"That Somber City" Since MidCenturyDavid D. Anderson58
The Greeley Phenomenon, or Some Parish! Some Priest!David D. Anderson7
The Sacramental Body: Andrew Greeley's AutobiographyRoger J. Bresnahan11
Andrew M. Greeley: Ethnic Historian or Social ReformerPatricia W. Julius19
Renew Your People, Oh Lord: Andrew Greeley's Passover TrilogyKathleen Rout25
The Diaries of an 1870s Michigan Schoolteacher: "To Rear the Tender Thought"Marilyn Mayer Culpepper and Pauline Gordon Adams7
The Great War, The Midwest, and Modernism: Cather, Dos Passos, and HemingwayJohn Rohrkemper19
Six Poems by Janet Lewis, from The Indians in the WoodsKathleen Rout30
John Brown (né Jake Braunowitz) of the Wasteland of Jo Sinclair (née Ruth Seid)Ellen Serlen Uffen41
Michigan Upper Peninsula Literary Traditions and the Poetry of T. Kilgore SplakeThomas H. Smith52
Saul Bellow and the Midwestern Tradition: BeginningsDavid D. Anderson59
The Decline of Higher Education in the Middle WestPaul W. Miller7
Discontinuity and Unity of Place in the Writings of Rodney NelsonJill B. Gidmark15
Playing Pedro and Other Diversions: Some Observations on Leisure Activities in the Midwest, 1870-1910Pauline Gordon Adams, Marilyn Mayer Culpepper22
Jack Conroy and Proletarian FictionDavid D. Anderson33
The "Unclassed" Rebel PoetBernard F. Engel45
Maine's Gift to the Midwest: Elihu WashburneRoyce E. Flood7
How It Played in Emporia: The World According to William Allen WhiteRoger J. Bresnahan17
John Herrmann, Midwestern Modern: Part IDavid D. Anderson26
Threatening Places, Hiding Places: The Midwest in Selected Stories by Joyce Carol OatesMargaret Rozga34
Toni Morrison's Beloved and the CriticsMarilyn Judith Atlas45
Vilhjalmur Stefansson: North Dakotan in the ArcticRobert D. Narveson9
Placelessness Against Place: Willa Cather's Nebraska NovelsWilliam Barillas20
New Lives, New Names: Dreiser's CarrieG. T. Lenard29
The Cosmopolitan MidwesternerJanet Ruth Heller37
John Herrmann, Midwestern Modern, Part II: The Alger Hiss Case and the Midwestern Literary ConnectionDavid D. Anderson42
Kirkland's Myth of the American Eve: Re-visioning the Frontier ExperienceKelli A. Larson9
Gopher Prairie, Zenith, and Grand Republic: Nice Places to Visit, but Would Even Sinclair Lewis Want to Live There?Sally E. Parry15
Ray Bradbury's "The Kilimanjaro Device": The Need to Correct the Errors of TimeLoren Logsdon28
A Raisin in the Sun: A Study in Afro-American CultureSandra Seaton40
Don Robertson's Cleveland TrilogyDavid D. Anderson50
Provincialism and Cosmopolitanism: A Re-Assessment of Early Midwestern RealismRonald M. Grosh9
The Violation of Hospitality and the Demoralization of the FrontierDavid L. Newquist19
A Historian's Fiction: Uses of Stereotype in Mari Sandoz's Son of the Gamblin' ManMary Jean DeMarr29
"Starting Out in Chicago": Saul Bellow's Literary ApprenticeshipDavid D. Anderson44
"Coming to Writing" Through the Impressionist Fiction of Tillie OlsenKathy Wolfe57
Poems of Popular Common Grounds: Four Voices of the MidwestJames R. Saucerman9
Sisters in a Quest - Sister Carrie and A Thousand Acres: the Search for Identity in Gendered TerritoryMargaret Rozga18
From Life to Art: The Short Fiction of Mari SandozKathy Wolfe Farnsley30
Portrait of a Poet as a Young Man: Lucien StrykSusan Porterfield36
Saul Bellow and the Midwestern Myth of the SearchDavid D. Anderson46
Sherwood Anderson's Oral TraditionPhilip Greasley9
The Unrealized City in Sherwood Anderson's Windy McPherson's Son and Marching MenClarence B. Lindsay17
Sherwood Anderson and Midwestern Literary Radicalism in the 1930sDouglas Wixson28
Sherwood Anderson's Creative Distortion of his Sister Stella's Character in The MemoirsPaul W. Miller40
The Durability of Winesburg, OhioDavid D. Anderson51
Beauty, Virtue and Disciplinary Power: A Foucauldian Reading of Toni Morrison's The Bluest EyeLynn Scott9
Affirming Characters, Communities, and Change: Dialogism in Toni Morrison's SulaMichael Wilson24
On a Jet Plane: Jadine's Search for Identity through Place in Toni Morrison's Tar BabyMary Beth Pringle37
"The Site of Memory": Narrative and Meaning in toni Morrison's BelovedJohn Rohrkemper51
Cracked Psyches and Verbal Putty: Geography and Integrity in Toni Morrison's JazzMarilyn J. Atlas63
The Literary Landscape of Minnesota Small Towns; Gopher Prairie, Staggerford, and Lake WobegonElmer Suderman9
We Turned Hobo: A Depression Tale RecoveredJames M. Boehnlein19
Grace Stone Coates: A Lyric GirlhoodMelody M. Zajdel28
James Thurber, Midwestern "Innocent Abroad"Russ Bodi38
Louis Bromfield and Ecology in Fiction: A Re-AssessmentDavid D. Anderson48
Why "It's Crazy to stay Chinese in Minnesota": A Meditation on Double-ConsciousnessRoger Jiang Bresnahan9
Eliza Farnham and the PrairieNancy McKinney18
A Name on the LandDavid D. Anderson27
FamiliesWilliam B. Thomas34
My Home Town: The Empty Places We Lived in the Middle ofElmer Suderman41
Jon Hassler: 1997 Mark Twain AwardJill Gidmark62
Ambrose Bierce's "Chickamauga": A Lesson in HistoryKelli A. Larson9
Playing "with the faith of fifty million people"?: The Response of the Print Media to the Black Sox Scandal and its Revelations about GamblingDouglas A. Noverr23
Priestly Sleuths: Mystery in Midwestern Urban SettingsRuss Bodi23
Louis Bromfield's "Cubic Foot of Soil"David D. Anderson41
A Chapter of Autobiography, Part OneWilliam Thomas48
A Major Midwestern Bibliography: a review essayDavid D. Anderson56
The Chicago Renaissance in FictionDavid D. Anderson7
Between the Mission and the Factory: Eunice Tietjens's Profiles From ChinaMarilyn J. Atlas17
James Purdy's Gertrude (1997): A Visit to Chicago Painter Gertrude Abercrombie (1909-1977) in HadesPaul W. Miller26
The Cultural Predicament of Ethnic Writers: Three Chicago PoetsRoger J. Jiang Bresnahan36
Saul Bellow and The Nobel Savage: An Anticipatory ReviewDavid D. Anderson47
A Chapter of Autobiography: Part TwoWilliam Thomas54
There's No Place Like Home: The Midwest in American Film MusicalsEdward Recchia9
Blood - And a Name - On the LandDavid D. Anderson19
How I "Earned my Oars," Or Nautical Passage at Fifty for Mary Ellen CaldwellJill B. Gidmark25
Some Comments on William Thomas's "The Farm, 1912-1940"Theodore R. Kennedy29
A Chapter of Autobiography: ConclusionWilliam Thomas33
"Deconstructing Culture in Kingsblood Royal,"Robert L. McLaughlin7
"Constructing MASCULINITY IN Hike and the Aeroplane,"Sally E. Parry32
"'war is a horrible thing': Looking at Lewis's Political Philosophy through Hike and the Aeroplane,"
"'Snoway talkcher father': Nativism and the Modern Family in Babbitt,"Ellen Dupree41
"Babbitt: The Literary Dimension,"Martin Bucco50
"Deconstructing Culture in Kingsblood Royal,"Robert L. McLaughlin7
"Constructing MASCULINITY IN Hike and the Aeroplane,"Sally E. Parry32
"'war is a horrible thing': Looking at Lewis's Political Philosophy through Hike and the Aeroplane,"
"'Snoway talkcher father': Nativism and the Modern Family in Babbitt,"Ellen Dupree41
"Babbitt: The Literary Dimension,"Martin Bucco50
"The Idea of Europe in Sinclair Lewis's Novels"Robert E. Fleming7
"Walden Pond and Tin Lizzie: Sinclair Lewis Records the Great Plans"Roger Forseth20
"Here is the story THE MOVIES DARED NOT MAKE': The Contemporary Context and Reception Strategies of the New York Post's Serialization (1936) of It Can't Happen Here"Frederick Betz29
"The Language of Unrest: It Can't Happen Here and Native Son"Rebecca Cooper44
"Mrs Babbitt and Mrs Rabbit"Brenda Gabioud Brown55
Center Stage: Midwestern Plays and PlaywrightsDavid Radavich7
Alice Gerstenberg and the Experimental TrapDorothy Chansky21
From Novel to Plays: Zona Gale and the Marriage Plot in Three Versions of Miss Lulu BettMarilyn Judith Atlas35
Reconstructing the Image of the Farm Woman: Scenes from Rural Life, 191-1929Anne Beck45
At Home in the '50s: Cultural Nostalgia and William Inge's PicnicMichael Wentworth56
Rocket Man Takes Off: Stephen Dietz's Minneapolis LaunchingJill Barnum Gidmark72
Compass RoseRane Arroyo7
The Already Browned Skin of "American" Modernism: Rane Arroyo's Pale RamónMaria DeGuzmán15
Exiles, Migrants, Settlers, and Natives: Literary Representations of Chicano/as and Mexicans in the MidwestTheresa Delgadillo27
Alternative Cartographies: The Impact of Third Woman on Chicana Feminist Literature, 1981-1986Catherine Ramírez47
Reading Miss Lulu Bett: The Reception History of a Midwestern ClassicMarcia Noe and Nancy Neff9
Male Fraud: Zona Gale Travesties Patriarchy in Miss Lulu BettRiann Bilderback17
Nobody Sick, Nobody Poor: Zona Gale's Construction of a Feminist UtopiaCatherine Kalish25
Romance and Revenge: Zona Gale and Margery Latimer's Conflicts over LoveKenneth B. Grant35
A Feminist Influence: Zona Gale and William MaxwellBarbara Burkhardt42
What Is Midwestern Modernism?Sara Kosiba6
Hemingway's Midwest: The Interior LandscapeJames Seaton14
Becoming White: Race and Ethnicity in The Great GatsbyJohn Rohrkemper22
Merging the Novel and the Epic: Understanding Morality in Dreiser's Sister CarrieCatherine Kalish32
Winesburg, Ohio: Beyond the Revolt from the VillageAbigail Tilley44
Narrative Art and Modernist Sensibility in the Civil War Fiction of F. Scott FitzgeraldMarcia Noe and Fendall Fulton53
Seasonal Reverberations: Kimberly Blaeser's Poetry of PlaceMolly McGlennen7
Poems for the Turn of the Century: Judith Minty's Walking with The BearJanet Ruth Heller21
Fighting the Darkness: The Poetry of Nancy GenevieveLoren Logsdon31
Diane Wakoski's MichiganNancy Bunge47
Land and Spirit: The Prose and Poetry of Linda HasselstromMary DeJong Obuchowski55
Boundlessness Limited by Skin: Americana and Artifice in Alice Fulton's "Unwanting"Daniel Nester63
The Ecologies of Place in the Poetry of Kathleene WestMary K. Stillwell79
The Art of Alchemy: Transformation in the Poetry of Hilda RazMary K. Stillwell7
Friendship, Finance, and Art: Charles Scribner's Sons' Relationship with Ernest Hemingway and August DerlethKenneth B. Grant29
The Theme of Isolation in Recent Poems by Lisel MuellerJanet Ruth Heller43
An Empty Vision: The American Dream on Main StreetDavid McGuire55
"Murdered Banquos of the Forest": Caroline Kirkland's EnvironmentalismMary DeJong Obuchowski73
You Can Go Home Again: Tennessee Williams's A Lovely Sunday for Creve CoeurDavid Radavich7
"A Profession Other than Writing": Echoes of Huckleberry Finn in Steinbeck's Travels with Charley: In Search of AmericaChristian Knoeller22
An Illusion of Understanding: Listeners and Tellers in Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio and Carson McCullers's The Heart Is a Lonely HunterMichael Merva36
Influencing Each Other Through the Mail: William Stafford's and Marvin Bell's Segues and Jim Harrison's and Ted Kooser's Braided CreekNancy Bunge48
The Controversial, Subversive "Broken Tongue" of Paul Laurence DunbarPam Bottoms6
Paul Laurence Dunbar and Robert Burns: Vernacular GatewaysChristopher Jones27
The Legacy of Paul Laurence Dunbar: Dialect and Racial Configuration in the Works of Silas X. Floyd and Christina MoodyKatherine Capshaw Smith36
"The Province of the Poet": Biographical Themes in Paul Laurence Dunbar's HerrickSheena Denney53
A Man of His Times: The Fiction of Paul Laurence DunbarStephen C. Holder61
Dunbar's Fiction: Transgressing the Limits of Realism to Breach the Horizons of ModernismLinda Bearss69
Besides Nursery Rhymes, I Learned PaulNancy D. Tolson78
"The Great Big Pahty": My Grandmother and Paul Laurence DunbarSandra Seaton85
An Unintended JourneyHerbert Woodward Martin93
Civil DefenseAmy Nolan6
The Printer's DevilDavid Diamond15
My Mother's FarmShari Zeck34
FieldstonesSuzanne Kosanke41
South Dakota SanctuaryMartha Christensen Demerly48
Returning to Elkhart Lake, WisconsinJanet Ruth Heller55
Doling Park and the Terrain of ChildhoodStephen Michael Adams60
Finding Buck CreekDedria H. Barker71
Welcome to the Theodore Roethke Home Museum and Carl Roethke Development CenterAnnie Ransford7
Manic Depression and Love: Theodore Roethke's Poetic WomenDiana Hoover10
The Birth and Growth of Adam in Theodore Roethke's Greenhouse PoemsNorman Chaney20
Theodore Roethke: Visions beyond the GreenhouseLinda Bearss32
A State of Partial Completeness: The Afterlife of Theodore RoethkeMellissa J. Klamer43
Blake and Roethke: Divine SimplicityClint Burhans55
Biographical Perspectives: Hemingway and Roethke Danced "My Papa's Waltz"Annie Ransford65
"Sound and Silence": Theodore Roethke's North American Mysticism in "The Rose"Matthew Falk80
Composing Place: The Dynamic Function of Region in LiteratureKayleen Schumaker85
"I'll Be an Indian": Rereading Roethke's "North American Sequence"Christian Knoeller103
"An Inner Weight of Woe": Echoes of Sorrow and the Act of Weeping in Theodore Roethke's Prayers and ElegiesLisa M. Barksdale-Shaw119
Five Poems for Theodore RoethkeRod Phillips135
A Most Musical Poet: An Opera Composer Remembers Theodore Roethke's ClassWilliam Bolcom140
A Small Reflection, A Slight ObservationHerbert Woodward Martin142
NPR's All Things Considered Looks at the Theodore Rothke CentennialMegan Cottrell144
Imagining a New West, a Midwest, in Caroline Kirkland's A New Home, Who'll Follow?Jeffrey Hotz8
One Bostonian's Romantic, Realistic, and Modern View of the Midwest: Margaret Fuller's Summer on the Lakes, in 1843Marilyn Judith Atlas24
Writing in History's Wake: Audubon's Portrayal of the Midwest in his Missouri River JournalsChristian Knoeller37
East Meets (Mid)West: Repressed Violence and Violent Repression in Stephen Crane's "The Blue Hotel"Anita Helmbold54
The Midwest, the Artist, and the Critics: Edith Wharton's Hudson River Bracketed and The Gods ArriveJayne E. Waterman69
Depictions of the Midwest by Drude Krog Janson and Olë RølvaagRosalie Murphy Baum85
"Flyover Country": Neil Gaiman's Extraordinary Perceptions of the MidwestSara Kosiba106
A Pilgrim's Progress: Mary Swander's New MexicoMary DeJong Obuchowski7
Africa and Gwendolyn Brooks's AmericaPhilip Greasley17
"Thinking Small": Sherwood Anderson's South and Modern AmericaRobert Dunne33
Exploring Borderlands: The "Strange Geography" of Susan Glaspell's ProvincetownMarcia Noe and Belinda Slocum45
Long Ago and Far Away: Mark Twain's EnglandJohn Rohrkemper60
Nature Remains: Scott Russell Sanders's A Conservationist ManifestoChristian Knoeller8
The CD and the Wilderness: Scott Russell Sanders's Wilderness PlotsElizabeth Dodd22
Places the Push and Pull: Scott Russell Sanders in the Midwestern Educational LandscapeElizabeth C. Homan34
DaughtersScott Russell Sanders42
Books by Scott Russell Sanders59
Gene Stratton-Porter: Scholar of the Natural World in A Girl of the LimberlostCheryl Birkelo7
The "Talking Trees" of the Limberlost: Negotiating a Class-informed EcofeminismRobert Mellin30
"A Story of American Grit": A Daughter of the Land as Realist ManifestoMary R. Ryder37
Nature Writing and Popular Culture in Gene Stratton-Porter's The Keeper of the BeesSusan A. Schiller45
Gene Stratton-Porter's Music of the Wild: Nature, Belief and ActivismMary DeJong Obuchowski57
Gene Stratton-Porter: A Selected Primary Source Bibliography64
Recent Midwestern Fiction and Memoirs66

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