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Midwestern Miscellany

The first several years of Midwestern Miscellany were mimeographed and stapled. Those issues are not yet available digitally. The first printed and bound issue was Volume VII appearing in 1979. With the demise of the SSML Newsletter in 1999, the Midwestern Miscellany began publishing twice per year, although in some years the fall and spring issues were combined.

Included here are pdf files of all volumes up until the most recent five years. (For copies of back issues not posted here, please contact Midwestern Miscellany editor Marcia Noe.)

Midwestern MiscellanyI1974  
Midwestern MiscellanyII  
Midwestern MiscellanyIII  
Midwestern MiscellanyIV  
Midwestern MiscellanyV  
Midwestern MiscellanyVI1978  
Midwestern MiscellanyVII1979  
Midwestern MiscellanyVIII1980  
Midwestern MiscellanyIX1981  
Midwestern MiscellanyX1982  
Midwestern MiscellanyXI1983  
Midwestern MiscellanyXII1984  
Midwestern MiscellanyXIII1985 
Midwestern MiscellanyXIV1986  
Midwestern MiscellanyXV1987  
Midwestern MiscellanyXVI1988  
Midwestern MiscellanyXVII1989  
Midwestern MiscellanyXVIII1990  
Midwestern MiscellanyXIX1991  
Midwestern MiscellanyXX1992  
Midwestern MiscellanyXXI1993  
Midwestern MiscellanyXXII1994  
Midwestern MiscellanyXXIII1995  
Midwestern MiscellanyXXIV1996  
Midwestern MiscellanyXXV1997  
Midwestern MiscellanyXXVI1998SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXXVII1999SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXXVIII2000SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXXIX2001SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXXX2002SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXI2003SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXII2004Spring/Fall 
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXIII2005Spring
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXIV2006Spring/Fall 
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXV2007Spring/Fall 
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXVI2008Spring/Fall 
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXVII2009SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXVIII2010Spring/Fall 
Midwestern MiscellanyXXXIX2011SpringFall
Midwestern MiscellanyXL2012Spring 
Midwestern Miscellany 2012Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2013Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2013Spring 
Midwestern Miscellany 2014Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2014Spring 
Midwestern Miscellany 2015Spring/Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2016Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2016Spring 
Midwestern Miscellany 2017Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2017Spring 
Midwestern Miscellany 2018Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2018Spring 
Midwestern Miscellany 2019Spring/Fall 
Midwestern Miscellany 2020Spring 
Midwestern Miscellany 2020Fall 

The Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature exists to support the study and dissemination of work in Midwestern literature, art, film, and scholarly study.

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