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You must be a member of the Society in order to propose papers or readings to be presented at the annual Symposium, or to be part of the SSML-sponsored panels at the annual M/MLA and MLA conferences. Membership includes subscriptions to the Society’s two periodicals, MidAmerica and Midwestern Miscellany.

Member Dues – regular – $50
Member Dues – student – $25
Member Dues – patron – $100
Member Dues – life – $1,000

Membership is due by July 1 of every year. Your membership payment is always linked to the calendar year in which you paid, so a payment made in 2022 will cover your membership from January to December of 2022. We will give members a grace period in the beginning of each calendar year to make it easier to simply renew their membership as part of their annual symposium registration (since many of our members do renew that way), but a membership payment will be required for participation at the annual symposium (for example, to participate in the 2023 symposium, we will need a membership payment submitted in 2023 prior to the event).

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Use your credit card or PayPal at our Donation PageYou will be taken to a different website and a new browser window will open. After you choose the appropriate membership category, click the cart button to the left.


The Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature exists to support the study and dissemination of work in Midwestern literature, art, film, and scholarly study.

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