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MidAmerica began publication in 1974 as a “yearbook” — that is, the work of the members of the Society as conference papers and submitted articles for the volume year. Consequently, MidAmerica has always appeared in print a year or more subsequent to its date. Under the editorship of Marcia Noe, efforts have been made to bring the publication date as close as possible to the title date.  It is now fully double blind-reviewed.

Full searchable texts of the journal issues are available, excepting the most recent five years. (For copies of back issues not posted here, please contact Roger Bresnahan.)


MidAmerica I 1974
MidAmerica II 1975
MidAmerica III 1976
MidAmerica IV 1977
MidAmerica V 1978
MidAmerica VI 1979
MidAmerica VII 1980
MidAmerica VIII 1981
MidAmerica IX 1982
MidAmerica X 1983
MidAmerica XI 1984
MidAmerica XII 1985
MidAmerica XIII 1986
MidAmerica XIV 1987
MidAmerica XV 1988
MidAmerica XVI 1989
MidAmerica XVII 1990
MidAmerica XVIII 1991
MidAmerica XIX 1992
MidAmerica XX 1993
MidAmerica XXI 1994
MidAmerica XXII 1995
MidAmerica XXIII 1996
MidAmerica XXIV 1997
MidAmerica XXV 1998
MidAmerica XXVI 1999
MidAmerica XXVII 2000
MidAmerica XXVIII 2001
MidAmerica XXIX 2002
MidAmerica XXX 2003
MidAmerica XXXI 2004
MidAmerica XXXII 2005
MidAmerica XXXIII 2006
MidAmerica XXXIV 2007
MidAmerica XXXV 2008
MidAmerica XXXVI 2009
MidAmerica XXXVII 2010
MidAmerica XXXVIII 2011
MidAmerica XXXIX 2012
MidAmerica XL 2013
MidAmerica LXI 2014


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